Ukraine’s Vexillology


Ukraine, a country filled with such rich history that continues to be integral in modern day society. Although both positive and negative, Ukraine’s history remains an important component in most academic facilities and academic institutions,  representing just how important such history is and how the youth must understand what humans are capable of.

Ukraine is recognized and well known for a variety of reasons. These reasons include positives such as; борщ (borscht) which is a type of soup, Andriy Schevchenko, a well known football (soccer) player and current manager of the Ukrainian National Team and lastly, Ukraine is recognized as the fourth most educated nation in the world. Unfortunately, Ukraine is also known for some negative situations, such as the Chernobyl Disaster and the Orange Revolution. With this in mind, this posting will focus on a unique aspect not found on many blogs; the meaning of the Ukrainian Flag.

Ukraine’s landscape is formed mostly by plains (~95%). The country’s main water resources are composed of the Dnieper River and the well known Danube, which is Europe’s second largest river. Ukraine has a climate classified as “temperate continental”, with the Southern coast, Crimea specifically, classified as “Mediterranean”. Although the Chernobyl Disaster had serious impacts on agriculture, Ukraine has unique chernozem (Russian for “black soil”) soil which has a high percentage of phosphoric acids. Because of the mentioned reasons, combined with the weather conditions at harvest times, Ukraine is also well known for it’s farming and more specifically its wheat production.

You may be wondering, why did I just read this rant about Ukraine’s geography and general background? Well, I am glad you chose to continue to read because it was not a rant at all, it was instead background on how Ukraine’s flag colours were selected and came to be. The yellow, obviously at the base, is to represent the said wheat production and wheat fields Ukraine is so well known for. The blue, as you may have guessed, represents the sky.

Ukraine is a misunderstood country. Russia creates much of the negativity that Ukrainians face and for those of you who do not know, Ukraine borders Russia. This allows many eastern Ukrainians to be influenced heavily by Russia and yes, they are often confused and intermingled when they are two separate countries and two separate groups of people simply sharing SOME similar traditions and similar language as they are both part of the Slavic Language group.

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