Mortal Kombat – Nightwolf

Warrior number eleven up for discussion is none other than Nightwolf.

11. Nightwolf


Nightwolf – MK9

A very unique character, Nightwolf is an Apache warrior who was originally seen as more of an Aboriginal or Native American depending on location, shaman who does not dwell on his past but instead used it for his future. Very proud of his heritage, he remains a fierce warrior dedicated to helping and improving, both himself and others through various methods. He relies on spiritual energy and practices to increase and enhance his power. While discussing power, he has distinct attacks. A green bow and arrow, one which he fires very quickly, and tomahawks are his weapons of choice. His “Rhyno Charge” remains a strong way of delivering a big impact and launching enemies in the distance. He is relentless and continues to follow Lord Raiden’s instructions as he sees him as a prominent leader. Nightwolf is responsible for guiding Liu Kang (according to the second Mortal Kombat movie) to finding his spirit animal, eventually being called his “animality”. Sadly, Nightwolf’s soul was corrupted by Quan Chi and he serves him, along with the others, in the Netherrealm. Nightwolf was instrumental in MK9 as he sacrificed his life while Sindel was slowly taking down all Earthrealm warriors. While facing her, he, in his native tongue, casted a bright white light over the two of them, which eventually vaporized them both and eliminated any threat of evil. Quan Chi is only able to get his hands on all these souls because they unfortunately were killed during battle, in one way or the other. I hope to see Nightwolf return to the side of light as it is really hard watching all these great warriors serve evil. I feel as though the creators are trying to push a new brand and ground of “good guy”, which I am not open for at the moment.


Nightwolf – Revenant (MKX)

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