Mortal Kombat – Princess Kitana and Jade

A continuation, I present to you the next two selected characters for discussion; Princess Kitana and Jade.

7. Kitana


Princess Kitana – MKX

Kitana, an Edenian (someone from the realm of Edenia) is said to be 10, 000 years old, which is considered young in her home realm. Despite her age, she is seen as a beautiful woman, a woman who Liu Kang pursued and connected with positively. She is known as Princess Kitana and Princess of Edenia. She began as an evil character, being the step-daughter of Shao Kahn and quickly became his enemy as she betrayed him and worked for Earthrealm, a realm Shao Kahn was trying to conquer. She was instrumental in freeing her home realm from his power as well. Her history is a little complex as her real biological Father, King Jerrod, was killed by Shao Kahn. She kept inside of her feelings of uncertainty. She began feeling deceived by her “allies” and found answers from Earthrealm warriors, including Liu Kang and Raiden, who revealed her true past. She also noticed a similar creation down in Shang Tsung’s Flesh Pits, a cross between her DNA and the DNA of a Tarkatan warrior. She brought this to the attention of Shao Kahn and was shocked and surprised to learn her Father was pleased with Shang Tsung’s work. This is where those feeling of uncertainty began, rather quickly. Despite being a major help to the good, her soul was also claimed by evil sorcerer Quan Chi and she, like Liu Kang, is a revenant, under Quan Chi and Lord Shinnok’s power. Needless to say, she is loyal to them and remains an ally. It pains me to see her as an evil revenant – she was so passionate about good and helping their cause to eliminating evil.


Dark Empress Kitana – Revenant (MKX)


8. Jade


Jade – MKII

Jade, another Edenian and long time friend of Kitana, is a former servant of Shao Kahn. Shortly after Kitana had found out her real heritage and Shao Kahn’s true motives, Jade began to help her. She helped her escape from captivity by fighting off Sheeva and Baraka, freeing her. Shao Kahn classified her as his most deadliest assassin, an impressive feature. She constantly remains loyal to Kitana and therefore she herself turned against Shao Kahn and helped Kitana restore Edenia’s natural beauty. She was given the position of General of the Edenian Army, one she had accepted. When the Battle of Armageddon was upon them, she chose to fight alongside the “Forces of Light”. Her beauty and sassy attitude was sometimes misinterpreted as playful, when one should be fully aware that she is more than dangerous. Her speed, agility and mastery of the use of her weapon known as the “Bo”, which is her purple staff, makes her a deadly warrior. She remains an ally of Kitana and many members of the Forces of Light. Her current whereabouts are unknown however she did reach out to Kitana as a ghostly figure, possibly trying to get her out of Quan Chi’s spell and back to her good-self.

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