Mortal Kombat – Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage and Jax Briggs

A continuation, here are the two next selected characters up for discussion; Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage.

4. Sonya Blade


Sonya Blade – MKX

Sonya Blade, another original character is said to be the first female character in the Mortal Kombat game series. Her origins lie in Austin, Texas, USA. She is an army General who is a member of the Special Forces unit and also of the Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA). The difference between the two is that the Special Forces are the Law Enforcement group in Earthrealm, while the OIA is the police force of the Mortal Kombat universe. She is widely regarded as a beautiful blonde with a tough personality. Although it may not be apparent by the way she speaks and acts, she cares for her team, group, friends and allies deeply. Her greatest enemy is Kano, the murderer of her former partner. Everything Kano represents is what Sonya despises. She has a love relationship with Johnny Cage, who constantly followed and spoke to her and he eventually got her heart. The two married and had a daughter named Cassie, revealed in Mortal Kombat X. Unfortunately, Johnny saw them becoming very distant due to her being solely involved in her work and things took a turn for the worse and it appears they separated however it is well know that they both love and care for each other deeply. I am hoping for them to get back together and have them both on the exact same page once again. Their relationship does not necessarily affect their job as Earthrealm warriors. She remains an integral part of the “Forces of Light” and remains allies with Johnny Cage, Jax Briggs (her current partner) and Raiden, among others.

5. Johnny Cage


Johnny Cage – MKX

Johnny Cage was a cocky, egotistical actor who was struggling to find his way in Hollywood. He first entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to display how good of a fighter he was and how he wanted to jump into any fight to prove himself to his movie critics, who accused him of using stunt-doubles during his action scenes. While entering, Johnny had absolutely no idea that he would be fighting evil undead warriors with superhuman abilities, some opponents not even human. He also had no idea that this involved life and death. His cockiness was one that at the start, frustrated many, including his allies but was eventually seen as a comedic role to an otherwise depressing, grim and rough series of events for Earthrealmers. Despite his cocky and sometimes selfish attitude, Johnny has been nothing but a loyal and brave warrior, sometimes even sacrificing his life to save those he calls friends. As mentioned, he has a romantic relationship with Sonya Blade and has a daughter with her whom he cares for very much. In MKX, Johnny Cage is now portrayed as “the guy” for the good and that was not well received by fans. Fans stated that he was a good character, but not to replace Liu Kang, there was mention that he cannot be replaced. In MKX, although he does engage in quite a bit of fights, he is seen more as a consultant to the group which his daughter leads. His experiences and passion proved to be more than useful and he was once again another instrumental character in saving Earthrealm. At first, in MK9, Liu Kang asked Lord Raiden what he saw in Johnny cage, to which Raiden responded “He may not know it yet, but he is a hero Liu Kang”. He fought alongside Liu Kang and Kung Lao and became friends with them. Raiden believed in Johnny and it proved to be nothing but a benefit to Earthrealm…and his critics.

6. Jax Briggs


Jax – MKX

Making his debut in Mortal Kombat II, Jax is a Special Forces members and close friend and work partner of Sonya Blade. It is often confused who is the superior between the two in the Special Forces but I believe it is indeed Jax, however he treats her as his equal as does she, hence the great relationship. If situations arise where Jax himself needs to partake in battle, he is simply described as a beast, destroying anything and anyone in his path. With a great attitude and pride, Jax has always been aligned on the side of good and remains a helpful warrior for Raiden’s Earthrealm group.

It was revealed to us in MK9 that Ermac is responsible for destroying his original arms, hence why he currently wears cybernetic enhancements, something he over time began to like. He is the reason why Kano must wear a bionic eye, a fight that occurred before the Mortal Kombat Tournament.

Jax is seen in MKX working for Quan Chi as a revenant, that is until Raiden is able to restore him and bring him back to the side of good. I interpreted his character in MKX as someone who tried to leave the Mortal Kombat universe and live a regular, day-to-day human life. Sonya goes to his home in the United States of America and sees him on his farm. She asks for his help to fight against Quan Chi as he does possess information that can be of great use to her and the greater good. He does return and fights with them, taking down key evil henchmen.


Jax – Revenant (MKX)

Although no longer a military man, he does have a daughter who is trying to follow in his footsteps – Jacqui Briggs. He constantly worries about her but he is aware that she works under Johnny Cage and General Sonya Blade, two close friends of his.

Jax’s character is a great fit for Mortal Kombat and I am happy to see him remain active in the games. He is a key member and seems to have more of a consulting role, in MKX at least.

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