Mortal Kombat – Stryker and Kabal

A continuation on Mortal Kombat posts, I present to you the following two warriors for discussion; Kurtis Stryker and Kabal.

9. Kurtis Stryker


Kurtis Stryker – MK9


Kurtis Stryker, a character first seen in Mortal Kombat 3 is best known as being a SWAT Team Officer and Riot Control Leader. He is seen using various weapons such as modern-day explosives, a gun, a taser and nightsticks while engaging in battle. This alone represents that he is not to be taken lightly. Stryker first got involved in the fight for Earthrealm when a portal opened over what is said to be New York City. This portal caused panic, chaos and rage by all citizens. Stryker, as mentioned, led the Riot Control squad right around the time Shao Kahn began to slowly conquer and take souls. Eventually, Stryker finds himself (and perhaps Kabal) the lone survivor of a city once populated by millions of people. He never understood why he was spared and selected to fight. He received a vision from Lord Raiden, instructing him to head west and meet with other chosen warriors and learn about the importance of what is occurring. Nightwolf, a fighter of good, came to him and explained what is happening and why he needs to fight. Raiden and Nightwolf together spoke to Stryker and helped him gain a better understanding of his purpose. He was spared because he was a “chosen warrior”. In MK9, Stryker is seen with Kabal, they are partners who witnessed this Outworld invasion. Together they fought off Reptile and Mileena, until Kintaro burned Kabal and he was taken for medical treatment. Stryker was a man with a job, and he continuously claimed that he was “just doing his job – to serve and protect”. A modest hero, Stryker is a key member of the “Forces of Light”. A personal favourite of mine, I was very sad and remain quite angry to see Stryker in MKX as a revenant and fighting against his former allies. He is under Quan Chi’s power as his soul was taken and used to complete evil deeds by the sorcerer. I really hope he can be restored and can continue to serve and protect for the greater good. He is a very honest and very strong man who finds himself (prior to MKX) fighting demons, Kahn’s, genetic experiments and creatures from all over, and defeating them.


Kurtis Stryker – Revenant (MKX)


10. Kabal


Kabal – MK9


First introduced in Mortal Kombat 3, Kabal is well known for his infamous Hookswords and his unique physical appearance. Not too much is known of Kabal except for the fact that he was a member of the Black Dragon Clan, a clan known for violence, arms trafficking, assassinations and many other forms of law breaking. Fast forward to MK9, Kabal is seen as the partner of Kurtis Stryker, working with the New York Police Department (NYPD) where he does his best to do good and suppress any of his dark memories. He is originally seen, in MK9, as a human with no mask or Hookswords. However, it is then understood that he wears his mask, which is really a respirator and only way for him to breathe and live, because he was badly burned by Kintaro (another four armed beast). Kano found him while Stryker was fighting off enemies and took him – Kano is responsible for providing him with his equipment and apparatuses to live. Kano himself is a member of the Black Dragon Clan and tried to convince Kabal to return as the “clan isn’t the same without you”, to quote Kano. Enraged, he followed Kano to the man responsible for the chaos on Earth, which we know to be Shao Kahn. He then knocked out Kano and got answers for himself before escaping, while also learning of his new apparatuses abilities, which include super speed. It is said he is severely disfigured under his mask and even once, in MK3, a fatality of his involved him taking off his mask and yelling, scaring the life (literally) out of his opponent. Another personal favourite warrior of mine, Kabal’s soul was indeed taken and corrupted, making him a revenant for the time being. He serves Quan Chi and Lord Shinnok and the greater evil. I really hope to see him return with Stryker doing what they do best – putting an end to crime and eliminating all evil threats, human or not.


Kabal – Revenant (MKX)


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