Mortal Kombat – Baraka and Mileena

Warriors number fifteen and sixteen up for discussion are two who fight on the side of evil and two who have more than a friendship together…

15. Baraka


Baraka – MKX

Baraka, first impressions are what Baraka represents – what you see is what you get. Baraka is an aggressive, unforgiving and unpredictable fighter while serving Shao Kahn. First introduced to us in Mortal Kombat II, he is of Tarkatan background. This is yet another race of creatures in Mortal Kombat which tend to be rather nomadic mutants. Tarkatans possess relatively long blades extending from their forearms and needless to say are very sharp and deadly. It is revealed that Baraka does not possess anything really close to anger or hate for Earthrealm but because his Emperor, Shao Kahn, decided to attempt at conquering Earthrealm, Baraka would make sure this plan went through smoothly, doing all he can to enforce it. This represents Baraka’s loyalty to his leader and this would go on to prove that Baraka will fight to the death if need be to please his superior. It is revealed that the Tarkatans are the Emperor’s favourite race, replacing the centaurs which Motaro had a major impact on.  His loyalty was clearly identified in his MK9 ending as he was seen murdering Shao Kahn, much to the displeasure of his former allies. However, they were surprised to see that Baraka’s blades had pierced through the body of the secretive Shang Tsung, who took the appearance of Shao Kahn. While posing as Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung was trying to take claim of being the ultimate leader but Baraka would not be fooled. This action is what made Shao Kahn select the Tarkatans as his new favoured race. He is seen as the leader of the Tarkatan race as he single-handedly destroyed an enemy faction. It is said that Baraka has a very close relationship with Mileena and depending on the game, it is said that they took the place of Shao Kahn and began conquering realms as King and Queen. His is a close ally of Shao Kahn, Mileena and Sheeva and it goes without say, he is aligned with evil. I personally have come to enjoy Baraka as his role in both the games and movie (Mortal Kombat Annihilation). I was THOROUGHLY disappointed that in MKX, a new warrior by the name of D’Vorah was seen killing him in the past. What a HORRIBLE thing for MK fans to see. Baraka, both a fan favourite and a close original character killed by a completely new and annoying for that matter, character. D’Vorah single handedly ruined herself for me by playing her role so well. You cannot have a completely new character kill someone like Baraka. Maybe if she had killed an older character who is not as popular, that is a different story. I still have not recovered from this and really hope to see a change of some sorts in this situation.

16. Mileena


Mileena – MKX

Mileena, a beautiful genetic experiment created by Shang Tsung’s magic, first seen in Mortal Kombat II, is a crossbreed between Tarkatan and Edenian. Known for her exotic outfits (or lack thereof), she was created in Shang Tsung’s Flesh Pits and that is where she can call her home. Because she has Tarkatan DNA in her, she does have the well known “big deadly teeth” that she keeps hidden with help from her veil.


Mileena (Unmasked) – MKX

She is a clone of Kitana and many characters throughout the game have confused the two. Even in the second Mortal Kombat movie, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Sonya begins to fight Mileena and asks her if she is Kitana, to which Mileena laughs and taunts her. She is vicious and twisted, and loves to feast on her enemies, something she would like to do to her “sister” Kitana. She thrives off receiving power and loves to create chaos. It is mentioned that she, because of her unstable mind, is prone to fits of madness and complete savagery and her appearance is quite deceiving. Although she looks like a mature woman, she likes to act like a child and has no conscious whatsoever. If Shao Kahn were to be eliminated and killed, he wanted a daughter worthy of taking his place and ruling, and Mileena is exactly that. Shortly after Raiden killed Shao Kahn, Mileena began her reign as Ruler of Outworld. She however was ousted as ruler because she decided against the idea of aligning Outworld with Earthrealm (because Earthrealm was responsible for her “Father’s” death), and she led a rebellion against a usurper named Kotal Kahn and his plot. I was shattered to hear that Mileena was eventually killed in MKX. A favourite of mine and a key player now more than ever, she was disposed of by a NEW CHARACTER, yes D’Vorah, which I find unacceptable. Who is D’Vorah to have these big roles, no way I do not buy into it and never will. It seems Netherrealm Studios (Mortal Kombat game creators) are pushing for a new generation of fighters which I cannot get on board with. I really hope she returns and continues to do what she does best; hunt for power and lead with confidence. Prior to her demise, she was close with Baraka, Rain and Tanya, among others. I can easily say she is one of my favourite characters in the game.

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