Mortal Kombat – Rain

Number seventeen is one of my favourite warriors ever in the Mortal Kombat franchise; Rain.

17. Rain


Rain – MKX

Making his debut in “Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3”, Rain is Prince of Edenia, his home realm. Before digging into Rain I would like to mention that the game developers created Rain – giving him a purple coloured regal appareance which had him occasionally wear a cape and a well crafted mask, hinting at his royal heritage, because of the album “Purple Rain” by Prince. What originally began as a joke now became reality and Rain remains a favoured fighter and character throughout the game. He is son of Argus (a God of the Edenian realm and its Protector) and a sorceress named Delia. Rain, alongside his half-brother Taven and Daegon are said to be Demi-Gods.

Rain was orphaned but taken in and trained by the Edenian Resistance, which is a military force within Edenia. He grew up to be quite the extraordinary fighter, however he also grew up arrogant. Eventually, Rain commanded full leadership of the Edenian forces but his command was rejected. Enraged, he turned against his former allies and joined Shao Kahn after Shao Kahn said he would provide him with an army if he was to join him. Rain is very power hungry and is well known to have “chronic back-stabbing” moments throughout the series. His lust for power knows no limits. Rain believes his identity was hidden from him by his Father Argus because he felt that Argus was going to select either Taven or Daegon as Protector of Edenia rather than Rain. Infuriated, Rain distanced himself even more and he believes that the title of “Protector” is rightfully his. Prior to the Battle of Armageddon, Rain has a plot to kill both Taven and Daegon before fighting the ultimate beast known as Blaze.

In MKX, Rain is seen fighting alongside Mileena as she possess Shinnok’s Amulet, one of the most powerful mystic talisman within all Mortal Kombat realms. If you know Mortal Kombat and you know Rain, you know he is working with Mileena because she has control of the Amulet. The series of events involving Mileena see her facing off in an Outworld War, her against the previously mentioned usurper Kotal Kahn. Rain’s intentions are to have both sides fight and slowly kill each other until only he remains, where he would capitalize on the power of the Amulet. Stealing the Amulet, which was under Raiden’s protection, was his idea in the first place. Forever crafty, Rain almost always has an ulterior motive for his actions and as mentioned, this is the case in MKX once again. 

His abilities are all revolving around water and lightning. He can project a water blast from the palm of his hand which might be more than just water as it might have an acidic substance to it hence the burning and fear of his opponents as well as having a super kick if you will. He can also summon lightning with the raise of his hand and he can also control your movements if you are hit by his projectile water bubble, not to mention his teleportation in and out of a water portal.

Rain’s confidence and pride is represented while he engages in a quick conversation (before fight) with his enemy Kotal Kahn. After Kotal Kahn had eliminated a few Tarkatans and Mileena off the roof of the building they were on, Rain was the last one. Kotal Khan made a sarcastic remark to Rain saying “Another Edenian, the supposed Half-God”, to which Rain acted by throwing a water bubble at him and hence being able to control his movements and responded then by saying “I am a son of Argus, I was not merely declared a God by befuddled commoners, Buluc”. This proves his worth and royalty and it also shows how Rain is proud of his heritage, while also mocking Kotal Khan’s minions who believe he is a God, when he is not. He is never afraid of a fight and thoroughly enjoys destroying his enemies. Originally from Edenia, he dwells in Outworld and seems to have an alignment of Neutral as he will kill both good and bad for his greater motives. It is hard to decide on allies for Rain as it is expected he will eventually betray them but Mileena, Goro and the Black Dragon Clan are who he currently sees as allies.


Rain and his fight with Kotal Kahn – MKX

A personal favourite, easily in my top 3, Rain’s background is not exactly what I would have liked but quite honestly – I would not have it any other way. He is a character with a plan and I love the way the Mortal Kombat universe has portrayed him. I would like to see him fight on the side of good however I like his bad side. Rain’s backstory and his struggles with friendships make him a useful but fearful ally…or foe.

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