Mortal Kombat – Ermac and Kenshi

Warrior number 21 is no other than one of the most powerful in the Mortal Kombat franchise; Ermac. Number 22 is another character who I do really like, although not as popular yet; Kenshi.

21. Ermac


Ermac – MKX

First seen in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Ermac is known as a mysterious character. As is well known to most, he was first created because of a popular misconception amongst fans. According to fans, while continuously playing the Sega version of Mortal Kombat with Scorpion as the selected character, a message reading “ERror MACro” would appear on screen, which would turn Scorpion’s outfit colour from yellow to red. This was all accidental and unexpected. With much back and forth, the creators decided to finally create Ermac because of all of the confusion and discussion amongst fans, pretty weird isn’t it? Nonetheless, almost all are happy they did create him as he is a fan favourite. Speaking for myself, I really do like Ermac, from his appearance, to powers, to backstory. Now, with that being said, onto his Mortal Kombat story.

He is classified as a “fusion of souls”, a project done successfully by Shang Tsung in Outworld. These souls were the souls of vanquished warriors who tried to destroy Shao Kahn, but ultimately failed to do so – he collected and stored their souls and they were eventually placed into Ermac. Anarchy is said to be in his head and mind at all times, with each warrior’s soul trying to claim the “leader” role. Considering he has many warriors within him, Ermac refers to himself as “us”, “we”, “our” instead of saying “I” or “my”. A feature which I really can appreciate, very cool. He has the gift of telekinesis, teleportation and a strong ability to travel between realms. Ermac does not show much emotion, except confidence in a non-arrogant manner. He is seen as very wise and very frightening to enemies.

A notable encounter in the Mortal Kombat games involving Ermac took place in Mortal Kombat Deception, where he met Kenshi, a blind warrior who wears a blindfold due to personal events that occurred and made him lose his sight. Kenshi, also possessing the gift of telekinesis, frees Ermac from his control of Shao Kahn. In return, Ermac taught Kenshi the “Telekinetic Slam” move. Shortly after, he decided to fight on the “Forces of Light” side during the Battle of Armageddon to try and fight his past guilt.

In MK9, it is revealed that he is the reason why Jax has metal arms – Ermac with his telekinesis broke his original arms off and nearly killed him. In his MK9 ending, it is shown to viewers/players that King Jerrod, the father of Princess Kitana and husband of Queen Sindel, is a soul that remains in Ermac (as Shao Kahn killed King Jerrod). In MKX, it is illustrated that Ermac does indeed have free will however he is fully aware of his past. During the events of MKX, Takeda (Kenshi’s son) tried to read his mind, however he claims that the anarchy is too much for him and all the voices were too much to handle. This, to me, represents just how strong Ermac is not only as a physical force but in his mental state, able to function while all the anarchy goes through his head.

Currently, he is considered a neutral fighter who is allies with Kotal Kahn, Reptile, Noob Saibot, Erron Black and Shao Kahn. As you can see, a slight mix between groupings, a slight overlap which is why I believe he is currently classified as neutral.
He is a powerful warrior with strong abilities and the power of not only one, but many warriors. His appearance and manner of speaking is nothing short of intimidating and I am happy Ermac has developed into a well known character with a strong presence in all games since his inception.

Ermac – MKX (Pharaoh Costume Select)

22. Kenshi


Kenshi – MKX

As mentioned above, Kenshi is a blind swordsman in the Mortal Kombat game series. He is said to be blind because on a specific day he came across a man by the name of “Song”. Song convinced Kenshi that he is a great warrior who needs a sword to  compliment his strength and abilities. Song spoke to Kenshi about a sword, known as “Sento” that is without a master and he explained to him how to find this sword. Once Kenshi found the sword and tried to pick it up, he felt overwhelmed with all the souls being trapped in the sword. Unfortunately this overwhelming feeling claimed his sight permanently, rendering him blind. Later on, it is revealed that Song was really Shang Tsung who had tricked Kenshi because Shang Tsung knew how much of a great warrior and great threat Kenshi could really be. Even though he is blind, Kenshi remains a great warrior and searches to find and kill Shang Tsung. From this event, what did benefit Kenshi however was that the sword actually belonged to his ancestors and they, through the sword, would guide him through certain events. Some of these souls had their resting place near the sword, but Shang Tsung had stolen some, hence angering Kenshi even more and he is out to avenge his ancestors and needless to say, to get revenge on Shang Tsung. This area where the sword was is known as the “Well of Souls”.

Kenshi is said to have spent most of his childhood searching for worthy opponents to fight in battle. He grows up admirable and fights alongside the “Forces of Light” at the Battle of Armageddon. He occasionally assists Sonya Blade and the rest of the Special Forces group with tackling their objectives. He eventually has a son with a beautiful Thai-American woman and his son would, just like his father, have the gift of telekinesis. His son, Takeda, is revealed to fans in MKX as a playable character. Although I do like Takeda, I will not discuss him in detail as my postings are to focus on more of the past/present warriors who have been in most Mortal Kombat games in one way another. 

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