Mortal Kombat – Kano and Tremor

Warriors number 28 and 29 are two from the Black Dragon clan; Kano and Tremor.

28. Kano


Kano – MKX

A well known mercenary and leader of the crime ridden faction Black Dragon, Kano is originally from Earthrealm, more specifically from Australia however he resides in Outworld. Kano is a very brutal individual who does not seem to have much remorse either. Kano, also known to be quite resourceful, is an original Mortal Kombat character. He is the man responsible for Sonya’s partner’s death and Sonya ever since then has wanted to capture and even kill him. Although he may work well with his Black Dragon clan members, he is often known to betray those he either works with or works for. This is usually done for financial gain or if a better opportunity presented itself. Another well known personality trait of his is his dark and twisted sense of humour, making jokes of the most serious of scenarios.

Despite this, Kano does remain a fan favourite – many (including myself) love to see this type of character make his way in realms full of superhuman beings. On the right side of his face, it is clear one can identify his bionic eye. This bionic eye provides him with infrared vision and a deadly laser emission. He first got this cybernetic eye because of facial damage which Jax Briggs is responsible for giving. This even occurred before Mortal Kombat, on Earthrealm. Surgically placed on his face, Kano can have greater focus and greater amounts of power because of it. A trigger happy, crime loving individual such as Kano possessing this, makes him even more dangerous than he already is.

Always a villain, he remains an undisciplined fighter and relies on his bionic eye, clan members and brute strength during battles. He can be hired for the right price and this is seen several times throughout the game, especially in MK9 and MKX. In MK9, he is hired by Shang Tsung and he provides Shang Tsung with different types of weapons and explains their worth and functions. In MKX, he is hired by Mileena to take down the usurper Kotal Kahn, a man he was working for. He does have military background training  which allowed him to run the Black Dragon. Kano is forever a survivor and always seems to squeak his way out of almost all situations. A weapons expert, tough combatant and an unpredictable dirty dealer, Kano is a formidable foe and remains dangerous at all times.

29. Tremor


Tremor – MKX (Metallic Variation)

First appearing in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces, Tremor is a former member of the Black Dragon Clan. He is originally from Earthrealm and yes, is human despite his appearance as another species. Really given a backstory in MKX, Tremor seems to have some animosity towards Kano as he believes Kano led the clan on a life-threatening mission, where Tremor mentions to him, during their dialogue, that he nearly escaped with his life, to which Kano mentions how fun it was.

He has the power of an earth elemental. This means he can create earthquakes, has the ability to project stones and lava and he can also shape the ground to suit him. It is said Kano sent Tremor to acquire a “psych-bomb” which Kano would then use in the theft of Shinnok’s Amulet. This mission is believed to be the cause of animosity between the two. Along with Kano, Tremor has great hate for the Special Forces, more specifically Jax Briggs as in a previous game installment (MK: Special Forces) Jax engages in combat and eventually kills Tremor.

I am very happy to see Tremor in MKX and having a great appearance and attitude, as well as abilities. He is easily one of my top favourite characters and with a unique name, abilities and sense of humour, I believe he does have potential to be good despite being currently aligned with evil. He expressed, in MKX, how beautiful he finds Princess Kitana and also expresses to Mileena that she is reborn in the Dream Realm, the realm he travelled to, to acquire the mentioned “psych bomb”.


Tremor – MKX (Crystalline Variation)

His MKX ending states that he, after defeating Shinnok, has his powers enhanced. This enhancement expanded his mind as well and is said to have the power to rival that of the Thunder God (Raiden) and Wind God (Fujin). His current allies are minor characters, both current Black Dragon clan members, Jarek and Tasia.

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