Mortal Kombat – Sektor, Cyrax, Cyber Sub-Zero, Smoke/Cyber Smoke and Triborg

Now, warriors number 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 are all cyborgs and unique in appearance, abilities and background. Allow me to begin discussing them.

23. Sektor


Sektor – MK3

First introduced to fans in Mortal Kombat 3, Sektor is a ruthless, remorseless, savage and strong warrior originally from Earthrealm. When he was first developed, prior to being given the name Sektor, he was referred to as “Ketchup” as to avoid confusion amongst the creators between him and fellow cyborg Cyrax, who they referred to as “Mustard”. As mentioned, Sektor is originally from Earthrealm, more specifically he is from Japan although there is confusion amongst many, some state he is originally from China. Sektor is the physical form of what an evil cyborg can possibly represent. Combine this with his deadly attacks and abilities (his well known Rocket Punch and Missiles), not to mention his stealthy behaviour, Sektor is a killing machine ready to take on any opponent if it results in their destruction, at his hands.

When Sektor was human, he was part of the Lin Kuei, like Sub-Zero. It is the Lin Kuei that initiated a specific project referred to as the “Cyber-Initiative”. This initiative was intended to transform all of the clans warriors into Cyborgs. The Lin Kuei Grand Master, Sektor’s father, was a strong advocate and made it mandatory for clan members to participate. Although many were hesitant and uncertain, Sektor volunteered to be the first to make the transformation, he volunteered with absolute pleasure. Sektor later spoke that he believed this would remove insubordination from the clan, making them even stronger and cooperative to the clan’s Grand Master. Many members of the clan were skeptical because they believed it involved them giving away their free will, which I will elaborate on while discussing Cyrax. As a cyborg, Sektor never considered trying to reflect on his human past, but instead was only focused on missions at hand and delivering punishment. The only emotion Sektor really displays is anger and sometimes joy. The joy emotion can be heard when Sektor performs a “combo-attack” in MK9 as he laughs at his opponent upon completion. Sektor is actually the code name for unit LK-9T9. It was said that he survived the Outworld invasion, prior to joining Shao Kahn, as he has no soul to take.

It is revealed to us in Mortal Kombat Armageddon that Sektor was initially unsuccessful in accomplishing his goal of being Lin Kuei Grand Master, which saw him fled to Japan to establish his own clan of ninja warriors – all cybernetic. He called his clan the “Tekunin”.

In MK9, Sektor and Cyrax (in their human form) were hired by Shang Tsung to eliminate any of Earthrealm warriors, prior to their opportunity of fighting – a way of sabotaging that Shang Tsung is notorious for. Sektor and Cyrax are seen mostly arguing amongst each other, arguing about the Lin Kuei’s Cyber Initiative and possible negative effects on the clan and its members. 


Human Sektor – MK9

Now, a full cyborg and following a fight with Cyber Sub-Zero, Sektor is seen in the climax of the game; the final fight. Sektor, among many other evil aligned warriors, ambush the Earthrealmers in an attempt to kill them. Sektor fights many but ultimately fights with Smoke and nearly kills him, if it was not for Nightwolf’s interruption. This was the last time Sektor was seen, therefore it is believed he fled the scene and remains alive and intact.


Sektor – MK9

His loyalty and dedication to the Lin Kuei, displayed by his willing cyborg transformation, had brought great honour to his father. His father had believed it was time for Sektor to begin his time to replace him as Grand Master. Sektor and his dark nature came to his father. His father spoke and warned him of the power that comes with wearing the Dragon Medallion, which in this case was worn by the Lin Kuei Grand Master. Unfortunately, Sektor ignored this warning and eliminated his father, whose soul was said to fly into the medallion itself. After placing the medallion around his neck, he began to finally seize control of the Lin Kuei. This was short lived however as shortly after he eliminated his father, Sub-Zero makes an appearance. In a strong and epic battle, the two fought hard for control of the clan. Sub-Zero however, outlasted Sektor and ultimately beat him. After destroying Sektor to pieces (MKX), Sub-Zero kept all of his cybernetic body parts in pieces to investigate what Sektor was aware of. He then showed Scorpion, while playing a message Quan Chi delivered to Sektor from Sektor’s severed head, that Quan Chi was responsible for destroying Scorpion’s clan, the Shirai Ryu. The fact that Sektor’s cybernetic technology is all kept and in decent condition, it tells me that although Sektor may be dead for the moment, he could be put together and simply brought back to life, and perhaps with more artificial enhancements. As my favourite character in the game (tied with Rain and Tremor), I would love to see him return and return with a vengeance. We do know however, that he technically can be represented in MKX as Triborg. He is, obviously, an evil character and his allies are (most recently) Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Noob Saibot and Baraka among others.


Triborg – MKX (Sektor Variation)

24. Cyrax


Cyrax – MK3

First seen in Mortal Kombat 3, Cyrax is originally from Botswana, as a human of course. To avoid repetition, I will simply remind you that he was hired by Shang Tsung in MK9, along with Sektor, to eliminate the Earthrealm warriors prior to their opportunity to fight. Unlike Sektor, Cyrax believes in free will and that is what ultimately forces him to renounce himself from the Lin Kuei. As Sektor was all for the Cyber Initiative, Cyrax was against it and believes that artificial enhancements were no substitution for the human soul, as did Cyber Sub-Zero. He did however, undergo the transformation but was eventually able to remain cyborg but possess his own free will. Cyrax is also known as “Mustard” which I mentioned, and his designated unit is LK-4D4. Unlike Sektor, once again, Cyrax really wanted to recover his memory about his human life. Thanks to Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs, he was able to do that and because of their help, he decided to help them and their Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA) and show them respect and appreciation for their efforts.

An early release of information regarding Cyrax was from Mortal Kombat 3, the first game he was introduced in. It stated this original mission was to capture Sub-Zero, but instead Sub-Zero captured and reprogrammed him. His mission is to now kill Shao Kahn and he is successful as Shao Kahn cannot sense his soul in his presence due to his cybernetic form. Upon Shao Kahn’s death, he waits for orders to be given to him for a new mission but no orders came and he found himself wandering aimlessly and eventually caught in the middle of what is believed to be Jade’s desert. He is eventually rescued and recruited for the greater good.

Fast forward to MK9, Cyrax of course resists cybernetic enhancements and eventually reluctantly loses his humanity. After officially leaving the clan he is fully aware the no one leaves the Lin Kuei, and that the warriors were on the hunt to find and kill him. Like Sektor, after the major fight at the end of MK9, after being defeated by Nightwolf (as he was unwillingly evil), he is no longer seen suggesting that he, with other evil warriors, escaped and remains alive.


Cyrax – MK9

At this point, he is allies with Shao Kahn, Sub-Zero and Raiden. As you may have noticed, you can clearly see that his is allied with an evil conquered and two good-natured characters which include the Protector of Earthrealm, representing he is a character fighting for good.


Triborg – MKX (Cyrax Variation)

25. Cyber Sub-Zero


Cyber Sub-Zero – MK9

Cyber Sub-Zero, unit LK-52O, in MK9 was put in place instead of Cyborg Smoke. After his transformation he was of course evil but regained his good nature thanks to help of the Earthrealm warriors. Not too much can be said about Cyber Sub-Zero, except for the fact that after being reprogrammed in MK9, he is sent “undercover” to acquire information from Shao Kahn’s plot. This was a good plan that Stryker came up with, illustrating his strong law enforcement background. Shortly after speaking with Sektor, Sektor states that he has scanned Cyber Sub-Zero’s “neural-net, 5-2-0” and he then states that his “neuromodulators have been recalibrated” and Cyber Sub-Zero punches him away. The two engage in combat with Cyber Sub-Zero emerging victorious and acquiring information from Sektor’s unconscious form.

With this newly acquired information, Cyber Sub-Zero heads to the graveyard where he sees Noob Saibot and Quan Chi developing a soulnado. Noob Saibot sees and confronts him. At this point, Cyber Sub-Zero realizes that Noob Saibot is his older brother (Bi-Han). Noob rejects that they are brothers, stating that although they may share blood, they are not brothers. After their fight, Cyber Sub-Zero states that they are no longer brothers, after defeating Noob Saibot. He is seen fighting for the Earthrealmers at the climax of the game and ultimately suffering the same fate of many Earthrealm warriors at the hands of Sindel.

In MKX, he is seen back as Sub-Zero in his human form as Quan Chi captured his soul and eliminated his cybernetics citing that they are not strong enough. He is a revenant until Raiden is luckily able to restore his soul and he finds himself for most of the game rebuilding the Lin Kuei and serving as it’s Grand Master – helping the Earthrealm fighters. He is also represented as a variation within Triborg.


Triborg – MKX (Sub-Zero Variation)

26. Smoke/Cyber Smoke


Smoke – MK9

Thomas Vrbada, better known as Smoke is an Earthrealm and former Lin Kuei warrior. Originally from Prague, the capital city of the European country Czech Republic; he was introduced to fans in Mortal Kombat II. He was first a playable character in Mortal Kombat 3, as a cyborg. He was first seen in Mortal Kombat II as a secret/hidden character, occasionally peeking out of trees in the Living Forest while players fought Reptile. After he and Sub-Zero received word that the Lin Kuei was making the Cyber Initiative compulsory, they fled and although Sub-Zero escaped, Smoke did not and he was transformed. As a cyborg, he is unit LK-7T2 and was the third member of the clan to be forcefully transformed into a cyborg. Eventually, he was restored to his human form, including his memories.


Cyber Smoke – MK3

He has special abilities that, one can obviously identify from his name, allows him to transform into a wisp of smoke. With no memory of his childhood, he does consider the younger Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) to be his brother. His MK9 ending states that after defeating Shao Kahn, his death shook memories of Smoke’s early life. It is said he was abducted by a cult and was meant as a sacrifice to a demon. After being burned alive, he returned to the mortal world as an “enenra”, a term I will define in the next paragraph. Those who captured him were helpless as he, in a fit of rage, destroyed them all. After killing them, he felt avenged and returned to his human form. At this point, he is fully aware of his identity and understands he more than just an assassin.

Considering Raiden was unable to save his soul and restore him at the end MK9, he is currently (in MKX) a revenant known as “Enenra”. The term enenra loosely means “a being formed of smoke and vapour”. 


Enenra (Smoke) Revenant – MKX

He is also a cyborg in the game as Triborg. I do not like to dwell on the fact that a good character like Smoke is now evil, all because of someone I dislike with a passion; Quan Chi.


Triborg – MKX (Smoke Variation)

27. Triborg


Triborg – MKX

I want to quickly touch on Triborg as he represents the Cyborgs in MKX. Prior to his demise, the Lin Kuei grand Master had all of his members participate in tests. These tests, although unknown to its members, were all recorded and their results/data was stored in an undisclosed location. After infiltrating the Lin Kuei base, the Special Forces found this piece of data and attempted to process it at their Special Forces Lab. While testing, the consciousness of Sektor, Cyrax, Smoke (as he was cyber) and Cyber Sub-Zero all merged together to create what we know as Triborg. Once conscious, he killed all those at the Special Forces lab and has a mission of destroying all human and organic life. Needless to say, he wants to re-establish the Cyber Initiative and have all participate. Although I am a big Triborg fan, I am a little confused by the name Triborg. Tri, meaning three, but four cyborgs merged during the processing. Considering four of the cyber warriors merged, Triborg can replicate all of their fighting styles, including abilities. Either way, I do like the character and the name and am glad to see the Cyborgs still involved (as they should be) in Mortal Kombat.

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