The Human Conundrum



The mind is a very powerful tool and element that we as humans sometimes take for granted. A rough definition of the mind can be as follows; “An individuals ability to enable their awareness about the world, their surrounding and experiences, while also allowing them to think and feel, combined with the state of thought”. With that being said, we can now further analyze what this post is to focus on – why do we as humans  deteriorate ourselves and each other? With so many different avenues for us to take, why do we have a knack for selecting the “wrong” or “bad” one? There are so many different categories to focus on, I will do what I can to touch on several different ones and try and paint a picture for you, the reader. After all, it is the least I can do considering the time you take to read this post, which means a lot to me in itself. I want to clarify that none of what I discuss is something I look down on or anything along those lines, I simply want to have an understanding of why it is that individuals do these things. I have a tendency to jump around and unfortunately, this will be no different – I apologize in advance.


Why do people do and say the things they do? Why do we live the way we live? Why do we feel the way we feel and why do we let emotions take over our entire being and state of mind? The mind, with all it’s power, can bring about much happiness and in a second, that happiness can disappear and turn quickly into sadness or anger. Are we not strong enough to avoid this? Or are we too weak to fight it? Well, one thing is for sure, every single person is different and handles both positive and negative events differently. Speaking for negatives, some will remain calm and will process what has happened and use their mind to solve it and make things better, while others? Well, they could instantly snap and release a ton of fury and rage, something that almost always seems to be followed by regret. Or maybe you are the type of person who will hold it all in. Maybe for days, for weeks, for months or worse, maybe even years. All this pent up rage, anger and bottled up emotion can really bring an individual down and those around him/her. This is just one of the MANY methods that humans deteriorate, whether themselves or each other. Perhaps you find yourself possessing all three different methods of handling negative events. Perhaps you unleash a serious fury and rage but also bottle up all your emotions, which does twice the damage.

Emotions are said to be a “natural feeling drawn for certain circumstances”. That word, “natural”. Are these emotions natural? What does it say if someone feels anger in one situation while another feels happiness during the same situation? Does it say that one person is just an angry person and one is just a happier one? Do we get mad because things do not go OUR way and therefore our coping mechanism is being angry? If so, in the moment, you are unknowingly hurting your self, your body and your mind. We all have moments of good and bad. Are we a product of our environment? What makes us who we are? Why do we act the way we act and say the things we do?

Emotions are very sporadic and as the years continue to pass, it appears society has remedies and solutions for almost everything. Oh, you get angry often? No problem, we can provide you treatment. Don’t like the way you look? Well we have a solution for that. Yes, everybody is different and they make their decisions for their own reasons, which I respect, but I ask you; do you ever stop and really think things through? Things about your past, present and future? As much as I try, I cannot escape thought. As Kid Cudi once said, “My mind runs I could never catch it even if I got a head start”. Wow, how true that really is. It has been said several times that the worst thing for humans to do is to think too much. Overthinking, overanalyzing and creating situations out of nothing – letting your mind run wild. Well, I can easily say this happens to all of us, which brings me back to a question I had; are we still too weak to fight this? Are we our own worst enemies?

It is true, we learn something about each other every single day. I believe we also, subconsciously, choose what we want to learn.

Addiction (Alcohol and Smoking)


Addiction, what a powerful word. How much out there can we be addicted to? This raises other questions, are all addictions bad? What is classified as bad? Addictions can range from a variety of things, for example being addicted to winning, both in a sporting context and/or winning used as a term for being more successful in life, to more serious addictions such as alcohol addiction. Sticking with the theme of deterioration, let’s discuss alcohol addiction, although there are many other types of addictions that deteriorate individuals. How does any addiction begin? Today’s society paints a picture, any time there is a group outing, you must drink alcohol. Without it, the outing is not as complete or as fun. If you do not drink, then you give the impression that you are bringing down the great vibe that alcohol provides.

If someone does not drink alcohol, does that make them less of a friend? Less of a person? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I am trying to understand – why is it so important for individuals to drink? Why the unnecessary pressure? Can we not all just get along with or without it? When individuals were younger, they got along just fine without it and if they did not get along, then they just were not friends. It is true that as we get older, life changes and we begin to feel more of “life’s pressures” and alcohol allows individuals to loosen up a bit. You begin to think we are getting smarter as a society, as a group. We hear all the horror stories of what alcohol does to not only the human mind and body, but also what it makes humans do. It makes them say bad things, makes them act poorly and most importantly, makes them make bad decisions. Still, drinking and driving is alive and well. I also understand that everybody leads a different life and had a different upbringing. Everybody has struggles and I want to clarify this posting is for an understanding and trying to answer the question of “why”? I have no problem with alcohol, I simply want to understand it and it’s role within society.

How many non-drinkers are out there? A lot less than drinkers? Finding someone who does not drink can seem next to impossible nowadays. Many will say “we will die one day, why not speed up the process?”. Painful to hear, yes life is tough but you are put here for a reason. Whether you choose to pursue that reason is up to your powerful mind to decide.


“Smoking eases the pain” – a quote I have heard many times. While it may do that, it creates so much more and causes so much damage to your body, those around you and the environment. Until we are personally threatened or impacted, our eyes and mind will remain closed and we will stay naïve and blind. The negatives don’t stop, we are all to familiar with the high risk of cancer. There are many reasons why certain individuals begin smoking and I respect these reasons. However, it is painful to witness people smoke and perhaps create a somewhat unfriendly environment. Please, stop deteriorating your body and mind, as well as others.


I hope you readers understand, this is not meant to offend anyone nor was it meant to be judgmental. I really want to understand the question – why? Perhaps it is I who is behind as most of society does seem to be indulging in activities that I do not. Looking back at oneself, as a child, and now, as an adult – do you feel anything? I feel great sadness as I realize change is inevitable and uncontrollable at times.

These actions can be avoided, they really can. Please, I ask you do not judge those who do not participate in mainstream society but rather treat them equally and see what they see – different perspectives. It is quick to discount and ignore someone, solely because they do not participate in mainstream activities.

There are many experts out there who can perhaps assist me in understanding society and human and the connection in between the two. Many studies have been done and many have thoroughly analyzed how society as a whole has changed.

All sources are saved and protected by the author.


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